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K 19: Penguins

KINDERGARTEN LESSON PLAN                                                         Week of January 21
                                    1 a, c, f, g        Print Awareness
                                    2 b, c, e, i        Rhymes & Phonological Awareness
                                    3 a                   Phonics
                                    4 a, b               Prediction & Reading Strategies
                                    6 a,                  Story Elements
                                    7                      Poetry
                                    8 a, b               Retell Stories, Story Elements
                                    9                      Author’s Purpose
                                    10 b, c, d         Predict, Evaluate & Retell Stories
12 a, b               identify various forms & techniques of media
                                    18 a                 Oral & Written Conventions
                                    19 a                 Generate Questions
                                    20 a                 Whole Group Research
                                    21 a, b             Library Procedures
                        RC(fig19) a,b,d,f,e       Read Assorted Literature, Generate Questions,
Whole Group Research, Predictions/Inference,
Pair Fiction & Non-Fiction, Retell and Summarize Stories
Reading Comprehension
                                    n/a                   Book Selection

Intent: Investigate polar animals this week with a storytime about penguins.  Where do they live, what do they eat, what are they like?  Stories, songs and videos will tell us all about Penguins!

a.      Welcome Song:  Welcome to the Library (To “London Bridge is Falling Down.”)
Welcome to the library, library, library.
Welcome to the library, please come inside and read.
We’re glad to have you here today, here today, here today.
We’re glad to have you here today, today’s a special day.

b.       Welcome Fingerplay & Song: Rock, Scissors, Paper (To tune of Frere Jacques)
Rock scissors paper, rock scissors paper, one two three play with me
Left hand paper, right hand paper, it’s a butterfly
Repeat refrain
Left hand rock, right hand scissors, it s a snail
Repeat refrain
Right hand rock, left hand paper, it’s a helicopter

c. Set Library Behavioral Expectations: (reinforce / commend examples)
c.       MYSTERY BAG:  Stuffed Penguin

d.  Word of the Week:  (Forms a cornerstone of the lesson, aids in understanding and connecting text themes)
i.                    English: Penguin – fairness is when things are equal, and people are playing by the rules  Say it, syllabicate it, spell it in the air.
ii.                  Spanish: pingüino (pin GWEE noh)
iii.                ASL (American Sign Language.)  Sign language is a real language where people use their hands to communicate.  Hold your hands near your hips and stick them out like penguin feet.  Now “waddle” by moving your hands up and down.  http://www.signingsavvy.com/sign/PENGUIN/2077/1

f.         Intent & Agenda:  Today we are going to learn about penguins, those birds that live in the coldest part of the world, the South pole.  (Show on globe.)

2. STORY #1: Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester, Houghton Mifflin, 1987.)
a.  Pre-reading:  Based on cover, what will story be about?

b.  READ:

c.        Reflection:  Picture walk through the story a second time, examining why the hunters chose to leave the penguins alone!

d.       Activity: Fingerplay “In the Land of Ice and Snow.
  In the land of ice and snow                            (shiver and say “brrr!” )
  Where the freezing, cold winds blow             (blow)
  Lives a bird who’s quite a sight                    (make circles w/ fingers and put to eyes like binoculars) 
  With his suit of black and white.                  (run hands along side of body, then tummy)
  He can swim, but he can’t fly.                      (swim and shake head “yes”, fly and shake head “no”)
 The penguin is a funny guy!

e.       Activity 2:  Action Song “ Did you Ever See A Penguin?”
Did you ever see a penguin, a penguin, a penguin?
Did you ever see a penguin waddle this way and that?
Waddle this way and that way, waddle this way and that way
Did you ever see a penguin waddle this way and that?

 Penguin JOKES

Who's the penguin's favorite Aunt?
Why do penguins carry fish in their beaks?
(Because they don't have any pockets!)
What's black and white, black and white, and black and white?
(A penguin rolling down a hill!)
Which side of a penguin has the most feathers?
(The outside!)
What's black, white and red all over?
(A penguin with a sunburn!) 

3.  POEM
I know a bird
That cannot fly:
Penguin is its name.
It cannot fly,
But it can swim
With speed that wins it fame!
I know a bird
That lives on ice
And waddles by the sea.
It looks so cute
In its black-and-white suit,
As handsome as can be!
by Meish Goldish, 101 Science Poems & Songs for Young Learners, Instructor Books

4.  Resource 2: PebbleGo Animals: Penguins   (accessed from databases January 21, 2014)
            Pre-reading: 4 types of penguins presented.  We’ll pick one.  Look at headings to show what to expect when reading.
Read:  Use vocabulary of technology, like “cursor” “webpage” “text” “graphics.”  Take time to look at definitions of unknown words and answer questions.
Reflection:  What will we do on MLK Day to make the world a more loving, kind, peaceful place (Ideas- smiling, vowing not to fight with siblings, helping parents, saying thank you and please all day, holding doors open for people, calling a loved one who lives far away, cleaning up trash, donating used goods to needy…)
Extension: I Celebrate MLK: song by “Harry Kindergarten” on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQy1o6JVPIQ accessed January 13, 2014

5. Resource #3 A Penguin Story.  Accessed from Tumblebooks, running time 3.5 minutes.

5. ACTIVITY (pick one)
 Penguin coloring page.

6.  Check out books
Continue training kids on use of shelf markers so we can graduate to shelves in next week or so.

7.  Conclusion
a. Circle:
    i.  review intent
    ii.  word of week in English, Spanish, and ASL.
iii.                closing song (stays the same all year)  open shut them open shut them raise your hands up high.  Open shut them open shut them wave and say goodbye.

b.      Line Up By… “Eye Spy” game. . . I spy someone wearing.. have kids say the child’s name, that kid can line up. 

Websites I found helpful in making this lesson:

Additional Material:
KWL: Previous knowledge on penguins.
Video:  PebbleGo:       Polar animals (PebbleGo Animals/Polar Animals)
                                      Emperor Penguins
              Tumblebooks: Crittercam/Emperor penguins! (edit, segment only at 6:00 in…)
                                        A Penguin Story

Action Song: “Did You Ever See a Penguin?”
Did you ever see a penguin, a penguin, a penguin?
Did you ever see a penguin waddle this way and that?
Waddle this way and that way, waddle this way and that way
Did you ever see a penguin waddle this way and that?
Credit: Childhood

Fingerplay: “Two Little Penguins”
Two little penguins sitting on the ice (hold up two fingers)
One bows once, the other bows twice (made index fingers bow)
Waddle little penguins. Waddle away. (put fingers behind back)
Come back penguins. Time to play! (bring fingers to the front)
King County Library System

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