Monday, May 7, 2018

High Energy Fun! All Sports Story Time

We've had lots of fun doing more active story times, as the spring weather permits us to get outside.   This week, we are introducing the NFL "Play 60" program to keep our kids active (and us adults, too.)



There's so many good choices for sports books.
* Teammates and Goal Line by Tiki & Ronde Barber
* Salt in his Shoes (about Michael Jordan!)
* Biographies of sports stars are great.  Simone Biles has gotten a lot of attention and her book was a great choice for this week, too.


We loved introducing research ideas to kindergarten on our databases this week, with an article on SPORTSMANSHIP on Pebblego and choosing our favorite sport to read about on Britannica.

Early Math

We listed games and sports we liked, then classified them by single/team and active/not - so -active.
We used dots and voted for our favorite sports, then decided which were the most popular.

We talked about PLAY60,