Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Helen Keller - Braille Story Time

This year I'm doing some biography story times to introduce students to famous people they might not know & should.  Helen Keller is one of them.

Words of the week:  Blind (and) Deaf

We started by watching the PebbleGo biography of Helen Keller.
Then we picture - walked through one of the more advanced biographies in the library.

I borrowed several books from the central library and we read Rainbow Fish while following along with the raised-picture version for visually impaired readers.

The kids were fascinated with the Braille and raised-picture books!

Video w/ray charles  shows braille books

This lesson is a keeper.  Next year we are going to repeat it, including some other ideas:
* Texture boxes with things inside for kids to guess what they were.
* Teach ABCs of sign language