Thursday, January 11, 2018

India 2018

Venturing into new territory: we're trying a country/culture story time!



MYSTERY BAG: a plastic tiger (the national animal of india)

WORD of the WEEK:  

NAMASTE/HELLO in Hindi (also taught HELLO in sign language)
Alternative: TIGER/TIGRE (

INTRODUCTORY ARTICLE: PebbleGo's "India" shows some good background information.  Discovery Streaming's "5: India" is more friendly for the youngest learners.

ME ON THE MAP: We used a globe and a map to show where Texas is in relation to India.

* Clothes from India:  Many people in India wear Western clothes -- what we consider "normal."  Traditional clothes include a turban in some parts of India for men, and the sari and salwar kameez.  We have pictures and even some real life examples.

* Animals from India:  We watched a video of the top 10 animals of India.  There's also a great Jeff Corwin video on Discovery Streaming, if you have access, about the Big Cats of India.

* Music From India: Oh my goodness, I am a Bollywood lover now!  We danced to this awesome instructional video from Dance Doo Daa, but there are more! The Bollywood hits on Pandora station is a great choice for choosing-book time...

BOOKS: Mama's Saris is my personal favorite -- the cultural context of the book can be "translated" to any child's desire to grow up and delight at being given more adult responsibilities and privileges.

Other selections include Finders Keepers, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (both too complex for kindergarten but may be good for your kids),and there are lots of blog posts about good Indian books  We also had  Younguncle Comes to Town, Once A Mouse and One Grain of Rice close at hand.

CRAFT:Originally, we like "Henna" markers hand tattoos but decided to go with some clip-art black and white images of tigers, elephants, the Indian Flag, elephants, the country shape and some Indian clothing and let kids choose and color.

GAME:  While cricket might be the national sport, we chose Denner/Chain from this website as a fun outdoor break.  However, the thermometer was rapidly falling on story time day, and we staying inside!  It would be fund for a spring day or if you had a large indoor space like a gym.

OTHER IDEAS: The movie of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi might be a good choice if you have lots of time to use it!

Links I used to create the story time:

PebbleGo India: