Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mother Goose: This Little Piggie Storytime


Welcome:  (to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down)
                   Welcome to the library, library, library.  
                   Welcome to the library, please come inside and read.

4-finger rules of the library:
                   1.  Quiet (finger to lips)
                   2.  Eyes on me (2 fingers point to eyes)
                   3.  Listen ( 3 fingers make elephant ear)
                   4.  Walking only, no running (2 fingers "walk" on other 4-finger palm)

Mystery Bag: it's a stuffed pig.  What words do we use to describe it w/o seeing what it is.... soft, small, round, lightweight... what else?  Let kids pet on the pig if you like... show them picture of pig so they see the "beard" in the sign language word is like the whiskers on the pig's chin.
Word of the Day: English: PIG (say it, syllabicate it, spell it in the air)
                            Spanish CERDO (s-air-dough)
                            Sign Language: https://www.handspeak.com/word/search/index.php?id=1640

READ Nursery Rhyme "This Little Piggie" to the kids, then read it with them.
                         1.  Do you know this rhyme?
                         2.  Do you know what is happening to each piggie (like what is a market, roast beef...)

Read:  Is That Wise Pig?  -or-
           Elephant & Piggie -or-
           If You Give a Pig a Pancake

Piggie Finger Play: 

Fingerplay: “Two Mother Pigs”
Two mother pigs lived in a pen (show thumbs)
Each had four babies, and that made ten (show fingers & thumbs)
These four babies were black as night (thumb in palm, wiggle fingers)
These four babies were black and white (switch hands, repeat)
But all eight babies loved to play
And they rolled and rolled in the mud all day (roll hands)
At night, with their mother, they curled up in a heap (clasp hands)
And squealed and squealed till they fell fast asleep.
Credit: SurLaLune Storytime

 Fingerplay: “Five Little Piggies”
“It’s time for my piggies to go to bed,” the great big mother piggy said.
“So I will count them first to see if all my piggies came back to me.
One little piggy, two little piggies, three little piggies dear
Four little piggies, five little piggies, — yes, they’re all here!”
Credit: Preschool Rainbow

Piggie Song: Old McDonald Had a Farm

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