Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Traveling with Toddlers: My Kiddy Car Survival Pack

I have my husband the wilderness backpacker to thank for nurturing my “compact organization” compulsion.  After a cross-country road trip last summer, I can honestly say this box saved the day every day!  Pack your necessities in an 11” x 17” plastic box that fits snugly behind the driver’s seat (and makes a decent step for a toddler) and customize this list to meet your needs.

Kiddy Car Survival Pack

1.      Sunscreen.
2.     Natural Bug Repellent. (California Baby is expensive but effective!)
3.     Snacks (individually-wrapped prunes, fruit roll-ups, pretzels, nuts.)
4.     Change of clothes and a swimsuit.
5.     Kleenex, wet wipes and a hand towel, stashed in a gallon Ziploc container. (When needed, the towel also acts like a blanket!  Think Douglas Adams.)
6.     Small, used books.
7.     Pipe cleaners.  No kidding!  Make sculptures, shapes, letters… they are my kid’s favorite car toy.
8.     A small wipe-off white board and erasable marker for doodling.
9.     Water (I don’t know how you feel about bottled water, but if you are OK with it, it comes in handy.)
10.  A couple empty plastic grocery bags.

What do YOU need when you travel with kids?

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