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KINDERGARTEN LESSON PLAN                                                    Week of Feb. 24
THIS WEEK’S TEKS:  1 a, c, f, g        Print Awareness
                                    2 b, c, e, i        Rhymes & Phonological Awareness
                                    3 a                   Phonics
                                    4 a, b               Prediction & Reading Strategies
                                    6 a,                  Story Elements
                                    7                      Poetry
                                    8 a, b               Retell Stories, Story Elements
                                    9                      Author’s Purpose
                                    10  d              Predict, Evaluate & Retell Stories
                    12 a, b          identify various forms & techniques of media
                                    18 a                 Oral & Written Conventions
                                    19 a                 Generate Questions
                                    20 a                 Whole Group Research
                                    21 a, b             Library Procedures
                        RC(fig19) a,b,d,f,e       Read Assorted Literature, Generate Questions, Whole Group
        Research, Predictions/Inference, Pair Fiction & Non-Fiction, Retell
        and Summarize Stories, Reading Comprehension
                                    n/a                   Book Selection
Intent: Take a moment to enjoy the funny things dogs do!  This story time is all about laughter and jokes, but we also start talking about MEDIA, forms and techniques.

a.  .      Welcome Song:  Welcome to the Library (To “London Bridge is Falling Down.”)
Welcome to the library, library, library.
Welcome to the library, please come inside and read.
We’re glad to have you here today, here today, here today.
We’re glad to have you here today, today’s a special day.

b.       Welcome  Fingerplay:  I had a little red balloon
I had a little red balloon
Pretend to hold a balloon in between your two hands.
And I blew, and I blew, and I blew.
Pretend to blow up the balloon.
And it grew, and it grew, and it grew.
Spread your two hands further and further apart.
I tossed it up in the air,
Pretend to toss the balloon up with your two hands.
And didn’t let it drop.
I bounced it on the ground,
Pretend to bounce the balloon on the ground with your two hands.
And it went “Pop!”
Clap your two hands together as you shout the word “Pop!”
Variation: Repeat only change the balloon (and your voice) to a great big or a teeny tiny balloon

c.  Set Library Behavioral Expectations: (reinforce / commend examples )
i.  sit, attend, be kind, raise hand to talk
d.      Mystery Bag :  Laughing Monkey Doll (this is the most annoying toy on earth… Grandma, of course, gave it to my son many years ago. You push his stomach and he laughs insanely for 15.)

e.       Word of the Week:  (Forms a cornerstone of the lesson, aids in understanding and connecting text themes)
i.                    English FUNNY
ii.                  Spanish DIVERTIDO (dee-ver-TEE-dough)
iii.                ASL (American Sign Language Use index & middle finger of right hand, wipe down nose from bridge to tip, smile while doing it!

f.         Intent & Agenda:  There’s one thing I bet everyone in this room likes, and that’s a funny story.  Today, we’re also going to learn a little bit about HOW we learn things – different ways to learn – then we’re going to have a good time and enjoy some funny stories both in print and electronic ways. 

2.  STORY/RESOURCE #1: (Bark, George by Jules Pfieffer, Harper Collins, 1999.)
a.  Pre-Reading: Who makes a bark?  Today you might be surprised what noises and animal can make!
b.  READ:  involve students by asking them to make the animal noises along with you.

c.  Reflection:  Retell story: this is a good opportunity to talk about problem/solution so they understand PLOT next year.  (problem, animal noises, solution, remove animals inside George!)

d.  Extension Activity :
Can you hop like a rabbit?
(Begin in standing position. Have child mimic your actions.)

Can you hop like a rabbit? (Put hands to ears and hop)
Can you jump like a frog? (Crouch down and jump)
Can you fly like a bird? (Wave arms, as if flying)
Can you run like a dog? (Run in place while ‘dog paddling’ with hands)
Can you walk like a duck? (Place hands on hips and waddle)
Can you swim like a fish? (Make wave motions with hands)
And be still, like a good child – (Fold hands and stand still)
As still as this?

e.  Jokes:  What makes more noise than a dog barking outside your window?
(Two dogs barking outside your window!)
What do dogs eat at the movies?

            F.  Activity:  Types of Media:  we just read a book, and reading a book is one way to get information.  There are other ways to learn, too.  Let’s look at some of them (flashcards ) together, these are called MEDIA.  Now, before we read our next book, let’s do two things.
            1.  group into electronic and print sources (note that all print sources are also available now is electronic format!)
            2.  poll, which do you like best?  (Students stand by the caption/picture they like)

4.  STORY/RESOURCE #2: The Night I followed the Dog by  Accessed Februrary 24, 2014 from (
a.      Pre-reading : While we read the first book on paper, now we are going to read the second book on the computer.
  1. READ
c.       Reflection: How is it different to read online and in print? (can you remember details as well?  What about narration?  More difficult or less to go back and reread?)
Extension Activity #2 We’re going to move like some animals now to the music.  When the music starts, start acting like the animal.  When the music stops, FREEZE!

5. ACTIVITY (Coloring dogs)

6.  Check out books

7.  Conclusion

a. Circle:
    i.  review intent
    ii.  word of week in English, Spanish, and ASL.
iv.                 closing song (open shut them, open shut them, raise your hands up high.  Open, shut them.  Open, shut them.  Wave and say goodbye.)

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