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KINDERGARTEN LESSON PLAN                                                    Week of March 17
THIS WEEK’S TEKS:  1 a, c, f, g        Print Awareness
                                    2 b, c, e, i        Rhymes & Phonological Awareness
                                    3 a                   Phonics
                                    4 a, b               Prediction & Reading Strategies
                                    6 a,                  Story Elements
                                    7                      Poetry
                                    8 a, b               Retell Stories, Story Elements
                                    9                      Author’s Purpose
                                    10  d              Predict, Evaluate & Retell Stories
                                    18 a                 Oral & Written Conventions
                                    19 a                 Generate Questions
                                    21 a, b             Library Procedures
                        RC(fig19) a,b,d,f,e       Read Assorted Literature, Generate Questions, Whole Group
 Research, Predictions/Inference, Pair Fiction & Non-Fiction, Retell
  and Summarize Stories, Reading Comprehension
                                    n/a                   Book Selection
Intent: The world is full of amazing animals, and this week we learn about them in a fun guessing-game inspired series of books.

a.  .      Welcome Song:  Welcome to the Library (To “London Bridge is Falling Down.”)
Welcome to the library, library, library.
Welcome to the library, please come inside and read.
We’re glad to have you here today, here today, here today.
We’re glad to have you here today, today’s a special day.

b.       Welcome  Fingerplay: 

Three Little Hot Dogs
Three little hot dogs frying in the pan, (hold up three fingers)
The pan got hot and one went BAM! (wiggle fingers and then clap on bam)
Two little hot dogs frying in the pan,
The pan got hot and one went BAM!
One little hot dog frying in the pan,
The pan got hot and one went “Wait, Wait! Put me in a bun,” (Place finger in cupped hand)
“Eat me up,” and now we’re done!

c.  Set Library Behavioral Expectations: (reinforce / commend examples )
i.  sit, attend, be kind, raise hand to talk
d.      Mystery Bag :  Stuffed Camel Puppet

e.       Word of the Week:  (Forms a cornerstone of the lesson, aids in understanding and connecting text themes)
i.                    English ZOO
ii.                  Spanish Zoologico (tsoo-low-he-ko)
iii.                ASL (American Sign Language make a letter z with your right index finger, then the letter o – move the o from left to right.  It’s kind of like you’re writing the letters z-oo.

f.         Intent & Agenda:  This camel is a neat animal, but it doesn’t live in Texas!  Not naturally.  But I can go see a camel, as well as a lot of other animals from around the world: sharks, giraffes, gorillas and more – at the zoo!  Today we’re going to read about these amazing animals that you’ll see at the zoo on your field trip next week. 

2.  STORY/RESOURCE #1: (Zoo by Lori K Froeb, 2007, Reader’s Digest.)
a.  Pre-Reading: Who has been to the zoo?  What animals did you see there? 
b.  READ:  Read, holding the book up close so kids can’t see the picture.  Make the parts of the pull-out picture wind their way up or across as you read, giving them a little visual hint. Then pull out the entire cut-out shape and reveal the illustration.

c.  Reflection:  What was your favorite animal?

d.  Extension Activity : 5 Elephants in the Bathtub
          1 Elephant in the bathtub (hold up one finger)
          Going for a swim (pretend to swim with arms)
          Knock, Knock (clap twice)
          Splash, Splash (Slap Knees)
          Come on in!
REPEAT for ELEPHANTS 2-5, 5th elephant “THEY ALL FELL IN!”

e.  Jokes:  
What do you call an elephant who never takes a bath?  A SMELLY-PHANT
What’s an alligator’s favorite drink?  GATOR-ADE
What should you do if you find a lion in your bed?  GO SLEEP ON THE SOFA.

4.  STORY/RESOURCE #2: Whose Back is This?  De Quien es esta espalda? (Joanne Randolph, 2009 Power Kids Press.)
a.      Pre-reading : This bilingual book is going to keep us guessing about animals! 
  1. READ: It’s tedious to K to hear the book completely bilingually, I think, so I picked ONE animal to do in both languages and then just picked an animal attribute (color, texture) and introduced the word in Spanish to the whole class.
c.       Reflection: Show students the rest of this series- highly popular, gives them a chance to be exposed to series books that are NF.

Extension Activity #2 ZOO ANIMAL STATUES:
(TIME PERMITTING!  We were slow moving between activities all week and never got to this!)  Make your body in the shape of a… lion, elephant, monkey…

5. ACTIVITY :  Zoo Coloring Sheets

6.  Check out books

7.  Conclusion

a. Circle:
    i.  review intent
    ii.  word of week in English, Spanish, and ASL.
iv.                 closing song (open shut them, open shut them, raise your hands up high.  Open, shut them.  Open, shut them.  Wave and say goodbye.)

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