Monday, February 10, 2014

K 22 Valentine

It's Valentine's Day this Friday, and we're celebrating friendship and love with songs, games, and books.

KINDERGARTEN LESSON PLAN                                                         Week of Feb. 10
THIS WEEK’S TEKS:  1 a, c, f, g        Print Awareness
                                    2 b, c, e, i        Rhymes & Phonological Awareness
                                    3 a                   Phonics
                                    4 a, b               Prediction & Reading Strategies
                                    6 a,                  Story Elements
                                    7                      Poetry
                                    8 a, b               Retell Stories, Story Elements
                                    9                      Author’s Purpose
                                    10 b, c, d         Predict, Evaluate & Retell Stories
                      12 a, b               identify various forms & techniques of media
                                    18 a                 Oral & Written Conventions
                                    19 a                 Generate Questions
                                    20 a                 Whole Group Research
                                    21 a, b             Library Procedures
                        RC(fig19) a,b,d,f,e       Read Assorted Literature, Generate Questions,
Whole Group Research, Predictions/Inference,
Pair Fiction & Non-Fiction, Retell and Summarize Stories
Reading Comprehension
                                    n/a                   Book Selection
Intent: Valentine’s day!  It means friendship, as well as love. 

a.  .      Welcome Song:  Welcome to the Library (To “London Bridge is Falling Down.”)
Welcome to the library, library, library.
Welcome to the library, please come inside and read.
We’re glad to have you here today, here today, here today.
We’re glad to have you here today, today’s a special day.

b.       Welcome  Fingerplay:  Rock, Scissors, Paper (To tune of Frere Jacques)
(sung)        Rock scissors paper, rock scissors paper, one two three, play with me!
(spoken)    Left hand rock, right hand rock, make goggles
(sung)        Repeat refrain
(spoken)    Left hand paper, right hand paper, it’s an elephant
(sung)        Repeat refrain
(spoken)    Right hand rock, left hand paper, play ball and glove.

c.  Set Library Behavioral Expectations: (reinforce / commend examples )
i.  sit, attend, be kind, raise hand to talk
d.      Mystery Bag :  Valentine Heart…

e.       Word of the Week:  (Forms a cornerstone of the lesson, aids in understanding and connecting text themes)
i.                    English FRIENDSHIP
ii.                  Spanish AMISTAD (AH- mee- sta)
iii.                ASL (American Sign Language.)  Link index fingers, pull twice to show your bond of friendship is not easily broken.  Alternative:  Nearly everyone knows “I LOVE YOU” in sign language:

f.         Intent & Agenda:  This Friday is Valentine’s Day.  We celebrate love and friendship on this day.  Who do you love?  Today we’ll read books and do activities that remind us how important friendship is to our lives.

2.  STORY/RESOURCE #1: (I Love You, A Rebus Poem:  Jean Marzollo, Scholastic, 2000.)
a.  Pre-Reading: The first book we read today is a poem about love. Pay close attention to the pictures  and read it with me!
b.  READ and have kids read pictures with you.

c.  Reflection:  Define REBUS,

d.  Extension Activities Finger Play :  Different Kinds of Kisses
Grandma kisses (grab cheeks and squeeze)
Fish kisses (purse lips and move them)
Movie star kisses (blow big ones)
Rabbit kisses (wiggle nose)
Dog kisses (stick out your tongue and lick)
Song: Pass the Heart (row your boat)
            Pass, pass, pass the heart, pass it round and round. 
Pass, pass, pass the heart, now place it on the ground.

Action Rhyme: (Because this is a day for being happy!)
If you’re happy and you know it… clap your hands
            Stomp your feet, say hooray, do all three…
Song:  H-E-A-R-T  (Sung to: 'Bingo')
There is a shape and it means love, and heart is its name-o.
H-E-A-R-T, H-E-A-R-T, H-E-A-R-T,
And Heart is its name-o!
Note: Repeat leaving out letters

e.  Jokes:  Q: What did one snake say to the other snake?
                  Give me a little hug and a hiss!
     Q: What do you call a very small valentine? 
     A: A valentiny!

4.  STORY/RESOURCE #2:  (Porcupining, accessed on Tumblebooks)

            Today we’re coloring valentines.  Hello Kitty, transformers... have fun.

6.  Check out books

7.  Conclusion

a. Circle:
    i.  review intent
    ii.  word of week in English, Spanish, and ASL.
iv.                 closing song (open shut them, open shut them, raise your hands up high.  Open, shut them.  Open, shut them.  Wave and say goodbye.)

Sites I found helpful to making this storytime:

That one includes an online jigsaw puzzle, great if you have computer access to go around.
That one has a cute Valentine SONG & Game

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