Tuesday, December 17, 2013

K16: Mittens

After last week's ice storm, staying warm is a big topic here in Texas.  Kindergarteners enjoy a storytime based on cold hands and a warm heart with these two tales (and activities) about children who lose -- and find -- their mittens.

                            1 a, b, f, g               Print Awareness
                            2 b, c, e, i                Rhymes & Phonological Awareness
                            3 a                          Phonics
                            4 a, b                      Prediction & Reading Strategies
                            6 a                          Story Elements
                            7                             Poetry
                            8 a, b                       Retell Stories, Story Elements
                            9                              Author’s Purpose
                           10 b, c, d                  Predict, Evaluate & Retell Stories
                           18 a                         Oral & Written Conventions
                           19 a                         Generate Questions
                           20 a                         Whole Group Research
                           21 a, b                      Library Procedures
                           RC(fig19) a,b,d,f,e     Read Assorted Literature, Generate Questions,
Whole Group Research, Predictions/Inference,
Pair Fiction & Non-Fiction, Retell and Summarize Stories
Reading Comprehension
n/a                         Book Selection


a.      a.  Welcome Song:  Welcome to the Library (To “London Bridge is Falling Down.”)
Welcome to the library, library, library.
Welcome to the library, please come inside and read.
We’re glad to have you here today, here today, here today.
We’re glad to have you here today, today’s a special day.

b.      Finger Play: Five Little Peas

5 little peas in a pea-pod pressed (fist)
One grew, two grew, and so did the rest (raise fingers individually)
They grew and grew and did not stop (cup hands, start expanding)
Until one day, they all went POP! (expanding… on POP, clap hands, throw out arms)
c.  Set Library Behavioral Expectations: (reinforce / commend examples )
d.       Mystery Bag :  a pair of big, fluffy mittens.  (light, squishy)

e.      Word of the Week:  (Forms a cornerstone of the lesson, aids in understanding and connecting text themes)
i.                    English: Mittens
ii.                  Spanish Mitones (me TONE ehs)
iii.                ASL (American Sign Language.)  Sign language is a real language where people use their hands to communicate.  Here is the sign for mittens (http://www.handspeak.com/word/search.php?wordID=mitten&submitword=FindPut your left hand out and draw a line first around your thumb, then your fingers.  It’s like you’re drawing a mitten on your hand!  That’s it!

f.        Intent & Agenda:  Today, we’re going to spend some time talking about staying warm in winter!  Our story time is about mittens.  First, we’ll read a funny story about some animals who find a mitten in the woods.  Then, we’ll watch a video about winter and finally, we’ll make our own mittens with yarn and construction paper before we get books and head back to class.  Ready?  OK!

2.  STORY/RESOURCE #1: The Mitten by Jan Brett (1989, G. P. Putman)
a.  Pre-reading: Look at cover, predict what book is about by title and picture.

b.  READ:  this is a great book for prediction skills.

c.       Reflection: Why is mitten a different size at the end of the book?

d.  Extension Activity:  Second time we read it, kids have cards with pictures of each of the animals… they get into the mitten (masking tape outline on the ground…)

e.  Jokes:  Who Am I winter riddles
  • I can swim or walk for miles.
    I’m big with thick, white hair.
    I live up in the Arctic.
    I am a ________
·         I’m usually made of colored yarn,
By someone who is knittin´.
Unless one’s lost I come in pairs.
Of course I am a ______
·         My antlers tower above my head.
Where I live--- it’s cold all year.
I can pull a sled or pack a load.
You call me a ______
·         I’m big and white and made of snow,
So I’ll never have a tan.
When the sun comes out, I melt away.
Each year, I’m a new ______

3.  POEM:   Antartcica, Antarctico bu Heidi Lee Roemer from Poetry Friday Anthology

Enrichment ideas for poem this week:  Pantomime while reading – raise hand at long O sound – what is best/worst thing about cold weather?

I’m cold as a snow cone
My toes are like lead
My ears, they’re both frozen
My nose? Rosy red.

Im chilled to he bone
As polar winds blow
The thermometer tells me
What I should have known

It’s zero degrees!
I wish I’d stayed home.

4.  STORY/RESOURCE #2:  (Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg, Dial Books, 2000)
a.      Pre-reading  Who do you think has the mitten (from pics on the cover)

  1. READ
c.       Reflection

d.      Extension Activity #2:  Snowkey Pokey (sung to Hokey Pokey)

Put your Left Mitten in…
Right mitten, scarf, boots, snow suit (snow self)

5. ACTIVITY (pick one)

            a.  craft : make-your-own mittens.  Students pick color and yarn and decorate/tie together their own cardboard mittens.

6.  Check out books

7.  Conclusion

a. Circle:
    i.  review intent
    ii.  word of week in English, Spanish, and ASL.
iii.                Open, shut them open shut them raise your hands up high.  Open, shut them open shut them wave and say good bye.

b.      Pet the Puppet (lamb)

c.       Line Up By… color of your mitten you made.

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