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K12: Airplanes

KINDERGARTEN LESSON PLAN                                                         Week of November 11

(This is new!  All the TEKS I cover on lessons are now searchable/verifiable.  I'll start including the exact ones every week again next week, but frankly I've spent so much time examining and cross-referencing TEKS that my eyes are spinning!)

Intent: Reinforce K TEKS and introduce students to airplanes and reasons for flight.  This goes along with an upcoming field trip to the airport for my K students.
i.        Welcome Song:  (Sung to London Bridge is Falling Down)
Welcome to the library, library, library. 
Welcome to the library; please come inside and read. 
We’re glad to have you here today, here today, here today. 
We’re glad to have you here today, today’s a special day.

ii.      Finger Play: 5 Little Peas
5 little peas in a pea-pod pressed (fist)
One grew, two grew, and so did the rest (raise fingers)
They grew and grew and did not stop (cup hands, start expanding)
Until one day, they all went POP! (clap hands, throw out arms)

iii.    Set Library Behavioral Expectations: (reinforce / commend examples )
                                                              i.      Graphic CHAMPS reminder https://drive.google.com/#folders/0B3dpaiUKs9aAMHVaT2otdC1Kb1U
iv.     Mystery Bag :  Flying by Donald Crews (story, not an object)
v.       Word of the Week:  
                                                               i.      English: AIRPLANE Say it, syllabicate it, spell it in the air.
                                                             ii.      Spanish: AVIÓN (av-YON)
                                                            iii.       ASL (American Sign Language.)  Sign language is a real language where people use their hands to communicate.  Here is the sign for airplane.  Take your right hand and make the letter Y (3 and 4 finger down, other 3 up.)   Now pretend your hand is an airplane and poke the sky twice, once for each syllable.  http://www.aslpro.com/cgi-bin/aslpro/aslpro.cgi
vi.     Pre-Reading   What flies in the sky?  (Birds, airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters…)  Have you ever been on an airplane?  Where did you go?  Who drives an airplane? (Pilot)  Where did you go to get on the airplane?  (Airport)  Have pictures ready.  Today we are going to read and learn about airplanes and flying.  First, we’ll watch a video about what it’s like to fly.  Then, we’ll read a book about airplanes and do some rhymes. Finally, we’ll do a little coloring and check out books before you go back to class.

2.        Story/Resource #1: (Reading Rainbow video: Pioneers in Flight and Visit the Airport segments, approx. running time 6 minutes, from Discovery Streaming.)
c.       Reflection:  What did you learn about airplanes?
d.        Action Rhyme: The Airplane
The airplane has great big wings (arms outstretched)
Its propeller spins around and sings (zzzzzz, spin one arm)
The airplane goes up (lift arms)
The airplane goes down (lower arms)
The airplane flies high (turn body around)
All over the town! (spin, fly, land.)

e.      Jokes:  What did the ocean say to the airplane?  Nothing, it just waved.
3.        POEM Listen for rhyme and story on “Jet Plane”  http://kingpoetry.com/jetplane.htm
I'm a jet plane, up so high,
See me take off, wave goodbye;
Jetting to some far-off site,
Fly by day and fly by night.

See the Captain, there's the crew,
Making sure it's safe for you;
Buckle up, no smoking, please...
Fly you home or overseas.

Taxi down the airport road,
Calculate the fuel and load;
Slow right down and join the queue,
Other planes are flying, too.

Finally, our turn has come,
Hear my big jet engines hum;
Runway racing, speeding past,
Lift so smoothly, off at last.

Thank me when our flight's at end,
Once again I've been a friend;
Jet plane up above so high,
Spread my wings and watch me fly.

4.        Story/Resource #2:  (Going on an Airplane,  Melinda Radabaugh, Heinemann,  2004)
a.        Pre-reading (Now that we’ve seen some videos about flying, let’s think about doing it ourselves.  KWL.)
b.      READ
c.       Reflection:  The quiz on pg. 24 is a good reflection.
5.        Extension Activity Color the jet liners @ (http://www.craigsync.net/703/airplane-coloring-pages.html/airplane-coloring-pages-for-boys)

6.       Check out books
7.        Conclusion
a.       Circle:  review intent of lesson and word of week in English, Spanish, and ASL.
                                                                          i.      Review what we learned
                                                                         ii.      Word of the week
                                                                        iii.      Closing song (Open, shut them.  Open, shut them.  Raise your hands up high.  Open, shut them.  Open, shut them.  Wave and say goodbye.)
c.        Line Up By… Every week, we line up according to different criteria, makes kids pay attention, work on grouping, differentiating among options. Today it’s by who’s been on an airplane/ how many times.

Additional Resources:
Books: First Flight by David McPhail
                Flying Donald Crews
Going on an Airplane
The Little Airplane by Lois Lenski
                Mighty Machines: Airplanes
                Plane Ride by Pamela Walker

Internet: http://kingpoetry.com/jetplane.htm airplane poem, doesn’t stink.

 Fingerplay: This is the Tower:   This is the Tower, This is the Plane, This is the Pilot, This is the Rain.  Pilot to tower, Tower to Plane, Come in for a Landing, but Look Out for the Rain.

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