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K8: Apples

KINDERGARTEN LESSON PLAN                                                         Week of October 14
TEKS:    K19(a)  Students ask questions about topics of class-wide interest  (with adult assistance)
             K19(b)  Students decide which sources/people can answer questions (with adult assistance)
 K20(a)  Students gather evidence from provided text sources (with adult assistance)
 K20(b)  Students use pictures in conjunction with writing when documenting research
(with adult assistance)

1st 6-Weeks Pacing: 
Compare/Contrast Familiar Stories         Cyber Safety                      Pair Fiction & Non-Fiction Book Selection                                        Story Elements                  Rhymes
Predictions                                             Procedures                       Print Awareness             
Read Assorted Literature                             Book Care          

Intent:  Extend classroom teacher’s unit on apples to the library.

  1. Welcome Song:  (Sung to “If you’re happy and you know it”)
If you’re ready for a story take a seat.   If you’re ready for a story take a seat. 
Clap your hands and stomp your feet, Now make your hands all nice and neat. 
If you’re ready for a story take a seat.

  1. Finger Play:  Wiggle Fingers
Wiggle Fingers, Wiggle So.  Wiggle High, Wiggle Low. 
Wiggle Left, Wiggle Right, Wiggle Fingers, OUT OF SIGHT!

    1. Set Library Behavioral Expectations:  Graphic CHAMPS reminder (weeks 4-)
  1. Mystery Bag
    1.  Today, I’m passing around our mystery bag.  What words can we use to describe the object inside? (flat, hard, lightweight.)  It’s a pie pan… and today’s story time is about a fruit we use to make delicious pie – apples.
  2.  Word of the Week:  (Forms a cornerstone of the lesson, aids in understanding and connecting text themes)
    1. English: Apple (clap syllables)
    2. Spanish: manzana (man-tZA-na)
    3. ASL (American Sign Language.)  Sign language is a real language where people use their hands to communicate.  Here is the sign for apple.  Use your right hand to make a little hook, and rub the hook against your cheek twice.  It’s like your cheek was an apple and you were trying to take the stem off the apple. (
  3. Pre-Reading   Today, we are going to read a few books about apple, both realistic and made up stories.  Next, we will make our own apple tree while we watch a video of Curious George visiting an apple orchard.  Then, it will be time to get your new book for the week before we go back to class.

Story/Resource #1: (The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons, Voyager Books, 1984.))
  1. Pre-reading :  A few weeks ago, we read books about the season of fall.  Today, our first book is called The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, and it is about a tree in fall, winter, spring and summer.
  2. READ STORY involve students when possible… in repetitive texts, predictions, recalling details. 
  3. Reflection:  Picture walk through seasons, ask students what they learned.
  4. Extension Activity :
a.        Apples & Bananas by Raffi
·         I like to eat, I like to eat, I like to eat eat apples and bananas.
Repeat changing vowel sound of all words to A,E,I,O,U)
b.       Way up high in the apple tree
·         Way up high in the apple tree (hold hands above head)
·         Two little apples smiled at me (make circles with thumb &forefinger)
·         I shook that tree as hard as I could (pretend to shake tree)
·         Down came the apples (lower hand to ground, wiggle fingers)
·         MMMM!  They were good (Take bite, rub tummy)

  1. Jokes: 
What kind of apple isn't an apple? A pineapple.  (source:
Why did the apple cry?  His peelings were hurt?
Why did the apple stop running?  He ran out of juice!
If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does an onion do?  Keeps Everyone away!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Henrietta who?
Henrietta worm that was in his apple.

Story #2:  (That Apple is Mine, Katya Arnold Holiday House, 2000.)
  1.  Pre-reading (Look at cover, predict what it will be about.)
  2. READ
  3. Reflection (How did they solve their problem?  Is that what you expected?)

Story #3: Curious George goes to press (PBS)

CRAFT:  Students will color and sign their own apples to add to our class apple tree while the video plays.

Check out books
  1. Circle:  review intent of lesson and word of week in English, Spanish, and ASL.
  2. Closing Song: Open,shut them.  Open, shut them.  Raise your hands up high. Open, shut them, open shut them, wave and say good bye.
  3. Line Up By… Every week, we line up according to different criteria, makes kids pay attention, work on grouping, differentiating among options. Today --

Other suggestions:

Apple Harvest

time delay video of apples flowering/growing/harvest
apple song
better apple song

The Perry Public LIbrary has a fantastic bunch of ideas for activities and books:

Action Rhyme: To Tune of: Mulberry Bush 

All around the apple tree, apple tree, apple tree. 
All around the apple tree, on a frosty morning. 
This is the way we climb the ladder, climb the ladder, climb the ladder. 
This is the way we climb the ladder on a frosty morning. 
-pick the apples 
-wash the apples 
-peel the apples 
-cook the apples 
-eat the apples 
On a frosty morning!

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