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K3: Circus

KINDERGARTEN LESSON PLAN                                  Week of Sept. 1

A High-Wire Act
            K19(a)  Students ask questions about topics of class-wide interest  (with adult assistance)
            K19(b) decide which sources/people can answer questions (with adult assistance)
            K20(a) gather information from provided sources (with adult assistance)
K20(b) use pictures in conjunction with writing when documenting research (with adult assistance)

Pacing:       Story Elements        Rhymes                   Predictions 
                      Read Assorted Literature
          Procedures              Print Awareness     Book Care

Intent:   Step right up to the circus, where you will walk a tightrope and see the world from up above!

CIRCLE: Welcome Song:  Welcome to the Library   (to the tune of London Bridge)
            Welcome to the library, library, library. 
Welcome to the library, please come inside and read.
            We’re glad to have you here today, here today, here today. 
We’re glad to have you here today; today’s a special day.

Finger Play:   This is Big
  • This is big big big                 Hold arms out to side
  • This is small small small    Cup hands together
  • This is short short short       Hold hands with palms facing each other
  • This is tall tall tall                  Reach one hand above head
  • This is fast fast fast               Circle fists quickly
  • This is slow slow slow           Circle fists slowly
  • This is yes yes yes               Nod
  • This is no no no                    Shake head

Set Expectations:/Social Story:  We Visit The Library Social Story   (
            Mystery Box:  What’s inside the mystery box today?  The object inside the box will give us a clue what our story time is going to be about.  (Object this week is a rope to symbolize tightrope walkers.)

            Word of the Week: circus/circo
            ASL Sign: (TWO signs this week)
  • Circus: (Sign language is a real language where people use their hands to communicate.)  Here is the sign for circus.  Put your thumb and middle finger of your left hand on top your right hand.  Then move your right hand in small circles:  can anyone guess what this is?  It’s a person standing up, riding a horse in the circus ring!
  • Tightrope: .  Here is the sign for tightrope.  Use your index fingers to make a line extending outward. Then use your right hand to make two “legs” that walk on the rope you just drew.  That’s it!  You learned the sign for tightrope!)

Pre-reading: Welcome to the library.  Today, we’re going to do three important things.  First, we are going to have a story time about tightrope walkers and the circus.  Then, we’re going to watch a video that will help up to understand how to use the internet.  Finally, you will be able to check out a book to take back to class.

Story/Resource #1:  Today we start with a non-fiction book called Circus Shapes by Stuart Murphy.  It’s not a story, really, but more of a game. (As you read, ask student to point out shapes on each page.  Ask for help in retelling, using the names of the shapes in the retelling.

Action Rhyme:                        The Tightrope Walker
  • While the band is playing      
  • Back and forth I go (pretend to walk tightrope)
  • High above the people           
  • Sitting far below (look down)
  • While the crowd is cheering (clap hands)  
  • I sway from side to side (sway body with arms out)
  • Now my act is over (take a bow)   
  • And down the pole I slide! (pretend to slide down pole)

Which circus performers can see in the dark?
(The acro-bats!)
Did you hear about the human cannonball?
(He got fired!)
What happened to the elephant who ran away with the circus?
(The police made him bring it back!)

Did you hear about the fire at the circus?
(The heat was in-tents!)

Poem:  Mr. Brown the Circus Clown

Mr. Brown, the circus clown
puts his clothes on upside down.
He wears his hat upon his toes
and socks and shoes upon his nose.

He ties his ties around his thighs
and wraps his belt around his eyes.
He hangs his earrings from his hips
and stockings from his fingertips.

He puts his glasses on his feet
and shirt and coat around his seat.
And when he's dressed, at last he stands
and walks around upon his hands.
--Kenn Nesbitt

Story/Resource #2:  Olivia Saves the Circus by Ian Falconer.  Read, then re-read by looking at pictures and paraphrasing.

Reflection:  Has anyone been to a circus before?  Circuses can have all the things Olivia saw, and more.  One of my favorite things about that book was how Olivia used her imagination.  Do you think she REALLY was in charge of a circus and did all those things?  Probably not.  But it was fun to imagine?

Activity: Tightrope Walking!  Lay a line 12 feet long, student have to walk on it and not fall off.

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITY: Play district-required AUP video and discuss rules for internet use at home and at school (don't copy, say KIND things only, go where your teacher says only, and keep private information private.)

Check out books: students check out books from the tables, practice lining up around the desk and checking out books, sit down to read.

Circle:  review word of week, closing song.
Open, shut them.
Open, shut them.
Raise your hands up high.
Open, shut them.
Open, shut them.
Wave and say goodbye.

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