Thursday, April 30, 2015

Show and Tell Letter Ideas

It's Thursday night and your kid needs to bring something that starts with the letter K to school in the morning... no, you can't bring "Kick me for not thinking of something sooner."

Years of experience have gotten me these ideas.  Some are pretty straightforward.  Others are "abstract" or able to be expressed by an action (that's not a cop-out, is it?)  Don't forget how easy it is to print off a picture of an object, or bring a book with the item on the cover or in the title.  Teachers understand.

A:   Alligator, Apple, Apricot, Astronaut
B:   Binoculars, Book, Bubbles, Buttons
C:  Coconut, Cotton Ball, Cup, cookie cutter
D   Dominos, Dinosaur, doily
E:  Egg carton, Egg beater
F:   Flashlight, feather, flower
G:  Gold Medal, Golf Ball, Ghost, Glitter, Gloves
H:  Helicopter, horse, Hammer (yes, I sent my kid to school with a hammer), hat
I:    Insect, Iron (take a magnet and things that do/don't contain iron) Itchy, iPod (old one!)
J     Jelly (Homemade, gift for teacher, highly appreciated!), Jump Rope
K:   Kite
L:   Lettuce, lantern, Lincoln Logs,
M:  Money (coins), medal, metal, mask
N:   Needle (big plastic knitting needle), Noodle, napkin
O:   Orange, ostrich feather, Obama (picture of, not the actual guy) Ornament
P:    Popcorn (for the class, big hit!), puppet, pen/pencil, plate, pillow
Q:   Quarter
R    Ruler, Rock, recorder
S:   Spoon, seashell, soup can, socks, sugar or salt or spices
T:   Triceratops, turtle, T-shirt
U:   Urchin
V:   Vegetables, View-Finder, Voter's Registration Card, Vitamin (bottle, no pills inside)
W:  Watermelon seed packet,
X:   Xylophone, Xray,
Y:  Yellow Bell Pepper
Z:   Zebra, Zero

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