Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hundreds! 100th Day of School Story Time

100th Day of School Story Time

Around here, the kids are excited about the 100th day of school.  Even my son's preschool is celebrating.  This week's story time was one of the most fun ever, with painting, lots of constructive movement, and a story about families cooperating.

Welcome Song:  Welcome to the Library (To “London Bridge is Falling Down.”)
Welcome to the library, library, library.
Welcome to the library, please come inside and read.
We’re glad to have you here today, here today, here today.
We’re glad to have you here today, today’s a special day.

Fingerplay: Rock, Scissors, Paper (To tune of Frere Jacques)
(sung) Rock scissors paper, rock scissors paper, one two three, play with me!
(spoken)   Left hand paper, right hand paper, it’s Mickey Mouse
(sung)       Repeat refrain
(spoken)   Left hand rock, right hand paper, play catch with the ball!
(sung)       Repeat refrain
(spoken)   Right hand rock, left hand scissors, it’s an ice cream cone (scissors point up)

Library Rules: 
1: Keep a quiet voice (put one finger to mouth like “shh”)
2. Eyes on the story & speaker (make 2 with fingers, hold to eyes)
3. Be sure to listen (3 fingers make big ears on either side of head)
4. When we move in the library, use walking feet (make 4 fingers the ground, other hand make 2 fingers “walk.")

Word of the Week:
English:  Hundred (say it, syllabicate it, spell in the air.  Can you think of words that rhyme with hundred? There's pretty much only soft rhymes like thundered, wondered...)
Spanish:  Cien (See-Ehn) (Take a moment to point out these words DON'T look like they have anything in common like most of our Spanish translations, then point out the synonym for penny is CENT, which means one hundredth of a dollar. CENT and CIEN do sound alike.)
ASL: Sign language is a real language where people use their hands to communicate.  We make the sign for hundred by first making the number 1 with our right hand pointer finger, then making our hand into a C and pulling it away. (http://www.handspeak.com/word/search.php?wordID=hundred&submitword=Find)


Jake's 100th Day Worries (Lester Laminack, Peachtree, 2006)
100th Day Worries Margery Cuyler, Simon & Schuster 2000)

Both these picture books are great choices for familiarizing kids with the 100-day phenomenon. In both, kids have difficulty accomplishing a daunting task. (Let's face it, counting to 100 is the kiddy equivalent of doing your income taxes!) In both, family and kind school employees help the child to feel better about their ability to solve the problem and help them achieve their goal. Read either and mention the element of cooperation and a nurturing school and home community.


I found this brilliant little game in several forms all over the internet. Adapting it to kindergarten/preschool, and things we could do easily in a library, here is a half-sheet page featuring 3 timed activities. I have to say THE KIDS LOVED IT. Let different kids be your timers, if you like. As much as I try to incorporate movement into library time, the more they're bouncing, the better. Jump, squat and write yourself silly or make up some new games:


This template (https://www.pinterest.com/yaj/100-day-school/) and some Q-tips and tempra paint is all you need to fill out the rest of story hour.
We enjoyed Tumblebooks and Pandora Radio (Kids stations) while we painted and it was a trouble-free, fun experience.


Back on the carpet, we recapped and talked about what we might bring (or brought, the day after) for the 100th day affair. We repeated the word and sign of the day.

This was not the most academically challenging story time I've ever done, but it has surely been a fun one. Hope you enjoy doing it, too!

This blogging teacher is in LOVE with 100th day (she wrote a book on it?!) and you can definitely find something to motivate yourself on her site: http://www.joanholub.com/100thDay.html

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